Casper Skern Wilstrup

Tell us more about Abzu and why did you decide to found the firm?
I’ve been interested in high performance computing for a long time, since the mid 90s. Engaged in the early community around the operating system Linux, I was an early adopter at using it at the university to build clusters of computers. Gradually I grew into data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Hanns-Christian Mahler

Tell us more about ten23 health, why did you decide to found the company and the origin of the name. 

ten23 health is a pharmaceutical service provider, supporting our pharma and biotech customers in developing safe, usable, convenient, stable and efficient medicines for their patients. Human-centricity and sustainability are key components of how we act and operate. 

Vincent Martinez

Tell us more about Nanoleq and why did you decide to found the company.

The initial business idea of Nanoleq is based on the stretchable electronic activities that we as co-founders have been doing during our PhD activities. After years of development in close contact with the market, we managed to launch the first products by the end of 2020 to make smart textiles a reality: reliable, washable and stretchable wires and electrodes that provide the basis for optimal monitoring of the bio-signals or stimulation of nerves/muscles in garments.

Thierry Fumeaux

Tell us more about your current roles with kinarus and acthera. I am the newly appointed CEO of Acthera Therapeutics, an early-stage biotech company, developing a unique type of mechanosensitive liposomes, enabling the controlled and targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules, when and where they can exert their pharmacologic

Jalil Rasheed

Not many people can say the’ve been a ceo for 14 years when they are not yet 40 years old. What are some of the reasons for your success? as fortunate to have joined Aberdeen (abdrn now) as a Graduate Trainee when they were still small. At that point, the firm wanted to have offices in many places and as we were

Danielle Ralic

Danielle Ralic is the CEO/CTO and founder of, a health tech company dedicated to accelerating innovation in medicine by democratizing clinical trial access. In previous roles at Deloitte (Boston) and ZS Associates (Los Angeles, Zurich), she designed and led implementations of business intelligence solutions for pharmaceutical and hospital clients. In her career she has led multiple, global teams of 30+ team members and presented at multiple conferences. Danielle graduated from Boston College with a dual degree in Information Systems, with a focus on Healthcare IT, and Finance.

Gwenael Hannema

Gwenael Hannema is the co-founder and CEO of InnoSpina, a medtech device start-up that develops unique surgical guiding instruments, novel implants, and a minimally invasive implantation technique to make spinal treatments safer, faster, and more accessible than existing procedures. 

Danuta Cichocka

Resistell is developing the world’s fastest Antibiotic Susceptibility Test (AST) which helps doctors in hospitals to find the right antibiotic treatment for the patient. The conventional methods of assessing microbial susceptibility to antibiotics take about 1-2 days to get the results, or up to a week for slowly growing pathogens.