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Alexander Pombo

Tell us more about Nerum Pharma. Founded in 2018, we were basically a group of friends that came together with an idea to work between Europe and Latin America to produce high-grade ingredients for the phyto- and bio-pharmaceutical industry, starting out with medical cannabis. At that time, this new industry was just beginning to spread

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Jeremy Ting

Can you tell us more about Naluri?  Naluri is a Malay word that means ‘instinct’. We want to change people’s mindset and behaviours toward living a healthy life, to the point where it becomes so ingrained that it becomes instinctual. The company is working on a digital chronic disease management program. We help people with chronic

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Thomas Mehrling

Tell us more about Laevoroc and why did you decide to found the firm. When I left MundiPharma in 2019, I started to think about what to do next. My last endeavour at MundiPharma was to set up an early-stage development company for oncology in Basel. We did this from 2012 till 2019 quite successfully

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Marco Pisano

Tell us more about Lymphatica. Lymphatica is a medical device company founded in 2017 focusing on providing new, innovative solutions to people affected with lymphatic diseases and particularly, chronic lymphedema. There is a great need in the market for which there is no clear solution. The lymphatic system is something that was historically overlooked by

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John Klepper

Tell us more about PIPRA and why did you decide to found the firm? We’ve developed an A.I.-driven risk assessment software for stratifying patients prior to surgery for risk of post-operative delirium. Post-operative delirium (POD) is the most prevalent post-surgical complication which affects 20% of patients over the age of 60. It has serious negative

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Jean Chatellier

Tell us more about KYBORA. KYBORA is inspired by a word from Rwanda that means “guide”; this is where our CEO Alan Vanderborght was born and raised. Our mission is to help and support the growth of our Life Sciences clients by focusing on transactions as well as on strategic consulting services. Our specialty is

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