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Mauro Gandolfo

Tell us more about 3Brain. We make instruments and tools for people to analyse cells. Our customers are typically laboratories, biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, and CRO’s – who uses our instruments to do preclinical screening. These are screenings that are done on the cell-based assays in order to identify, for instance, a potential drug candidate

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Francesco Cecchini

Can you tell us more about Gondola MeDICAL Technologies? We developed a therapeutic device and an innovative treatment approach to reduce walking impairment in neurological disorders, specifically Parkinson’s disease, stroke and several other conditions that are chronic; meaning that when they are diagnosed, the patient will live for a lifetime with those disorders which impact

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Petronela Sandulache

What does CorDiFio stand for and why did you decide to found this firm? CorDiFio is an awareness raising and early-detection AI-powered platform to empower women and doctors in reaching the right heart disease diagnosis in a timely manner. Time is Muscle. CorDiFio in Italian means “Heart of Fio”, Fiorella was the name of the

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Binah Baum

Tell us more about Alma Bio. Alma Bio is a Weizmann Institute spin-off, developing a totally new concept for treatment of autoimmune diseases. We liken the immune system to the operating system of the body that protects and defends, but most importantly – maintains the body’s wellness 24/7. If something goes wrong, it corrects at

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Oliver Rinner

Tell us more about Biognosys and why did you found it. We are a proteomics technology company. Our mission is to help researchers better understand the proteome, which is the key to precision medicine because almost everything is done by proteins in our body. In contrast to the genome, the proteome has not been very

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Renato del Grosso

Tell us more about Cube Labs. Cube Labs is an industrial holding in Life Sciences. We act in three dimensions: the first is tech transfer from the Italian Academia, thanks to a strategic partnership with the largest Italian Consortium, I.N.B.B. (www.inbb.it made of 24 public universities), where we serve as a technology platform. The second

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