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Alexander Breidenbach

Tell us more about your role with ACM BioSciences.  When approached by a board member of ACM BioSciences in spring with the idea of  supporting them with their partnering activities, after several meetings and reflecting on the requests, I convinced the management that there was another gap in their organisation. At the end I agreed to

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Thomas Roos

Tell us more about GeneLook. GeneLook came from a vision with two other co-founders to address the needs of patients, healthcare providers, academic researchers, and the biopharma industry in the usage and sharing of genetic data to build the future of precision medicine while simultaneously accelerating the development of new drugs/treatments. Genetic testing for health

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Eva Galant

Tell us more about your background.  I grew up in Poland and came to the UK about 7 years ago. My background is in civil engineering and IT. I used to work for many years as a product owner for tech support companies, software houses and seed startups, before moving into the business side and working as a

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Subhasis Roy

Could you share with us an overview of your career? My career of 25 years started back in the mid-90s as an Investment Banker helping companies from Asia execute public listings in international stock markets and M&A transactions.  Upon moving to Switzerland in 2000, I started covering the healthcare sector as a healthcare banker. As

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Peter Nestorov

Tell us more about Scailyte and your business model.  We are a 4-year-old startup, a spinoff from ETH Zurich, that is now based in Basel. Our focus is on analysing single-cell data, which is a new type of biomedical data.  Our business model is rather unconventional. The first 2 years saw us focusing on developing our software,

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Jacqueline Ruedin Rüsch

Tell us more about your current ventures. What is it that you do? What do you invest in?  We invest in people! Specifically, we look at ventures which are in their seed stage, and we support them financially but most importantly we work together to build a successful company. We live in the most innovative country in the

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