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Oliver Rinner

Tell us more about Biognosys and why did you found it. We are a proteomics technology company. Our mission is to help researchers better understand the proteome, which is the key to precision medicine because almost everything is done by proteins in our body. In contrast to the genome, the proteome has not been very

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Renato del Grosso

Tell us more about Cube Labs. Cube Labs is an industrial holding in Life Sciences. We act in three dimensions: the first is tech transfer from the Italian Academia, thanks to a strategic partnership with the largest Italian Consortium, I.N.B.B. (www.inbb.it made of 24 public universities), where we serve as a technology platform. The second

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Werner Tschollar

What spurred you to create AMYRA Biotech? Can you tell us more about the firm? AMYRA began as a quest to validate a hypothesis I made several years ago based on a discovery published in a scientific journal. In other words, it began with an intuitive hunch that what I had chanced upon, could be

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Robert Grundy

Can you tell us more about Mira Life Science Ventures? Mira LSV is a new organisation that was set up to specifically fund and develop early-stage innovations in life and health sciences. As a team, we are predominantly product developers in the areas of therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics. We have significant fund management experience,

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Josua Jordi

Tell us more about EraCal. We are an early-stage drug discovery firm developing new medicines, focusing on appetite suppression. Our whole concept is around how appetite is regulated as this is something important in many different diseases. The most prominent one is obesity where appetite suppression could have a curative role. There are many companies

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Adina Krausz

Can you tell us more about InnoSource?   InnoSource by Toledo Capital AG is an advisory firm in the area of innovation scouting and corporate venturing located in Zurich. We work with corporates in the DACH region and introduce to them technologies of startups from the highly innovative Israeli startup ecosystem. The services we provide

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