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Margrit Schwarz

Who inspired you to get into the life sciences? My interest for life science was nurtured by my father, who was both a chemist and a photographer; he took me along on hikes and then to the lab where I

Dominik Hartl

Tell us about your background. I am a pediatrician by training with a long-term passion for both patient care and science (particularly Immunology). Through different parts of my academic & industry journey across Germany, Netherlands, US, UK and Switzerland, I figured

Sarah Holland

Tell us about your background. I am British with a Ph.D in chemistry from Oxford University and an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School. I started out marketing highly scientific products in diagnostics, biotech and pharma, made the move to Business Development

Antoine Espinet

Tell us about yourself and MicrofluidX. I am an engineer by training so I was always interested in science and the application of science to concrete world problems. I did spend some time in management consulting because I felt it was

Giovanna Dipasquale

Tell us about yourself and HeroSupport. I was born in Zambia, Africa, where I lived for my first ten years in a very different environment than Europe. I think this has influenced my perception of life: I appreciate simple things and

Alexandra Beckstein

Tell us about your background. I am geoscientist by training by training with advanced education in business and leadership. I have worked in the construction industry for a long time in my professional life, for SMEs, startups and the government. I once

Anuj Patel

Tell us about yourself and Motto Health. I’m the founder and CEO at Motto, which is building a virtual care platform for patients with autoimmune conditions.

Jia-Yi Har

Tell us more about your current role with Cathay Health. rtner at Cathy Health and my day-to-day job is to evaluate investment opportunities in the area of convergence medicine, which is the application of engineering and data technologies to solve unmet needs in