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Adina Krausz

Can you tell us more about InnoSource?   InnoSource by Toledo Capital AG is an advisory firm in the area of innovation scouting and corporate venturing located in Zurich. We work with corporates in the DACH region and introduce to them technologies of startups from the highly innovative Israeli startup ecosystem. The services we provide

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Richard Koch

Tell us more about PURI. PURI is medical device software that uses computer vision to read results from in-vitro diagnostic tests. PURI acts as the digital bridge that connects non-digital diagnostic tests and electronic patient records. Currently we are conducting a two million CHF funding round to capture the global commercial opportunities we have ahead

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Nicolas Durand

Tell us more about Abionic and why you decided to found it? I always knew that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. At the age of 14, I started my first business in IT which led me to study engineering in EPFL. I was really passionate about integrated systems, where you have to deal with

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Adrian Hunn

Tell us more about Dentalpoint.   We make dental implants out of ceramic. Usually, dental implants are made of titanium while ours are made of ceramic, which offers a few benefits. Firstly, the material is white, which has aesthetic value. Secondly, it is 100 percent biocompatible, and that offers medical benefits.  Sometimes one’s immune system

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Roy Chikballapur

Tell us more about MachIQ. MachIQ Software is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that enables manufacturers to make the most of their machines and allows machinery OEMs to sell more services to a significantly larger part of their installed base. On one side, there are companies (with factories) in process manufacturing, typically in food and beverages,

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Christian Winkler

What made you decide to found asc impact? Karl Kirchmayer, who is one of asc’s co-founders, and I have known each other for a very long time. In January of 2020 he told me that he had been acquiring land in Romania and been active in Russia too for many years and was seeing a

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