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Hanns-Christian Mahler

Tell us more about ten23 health, why did you decide to found the company and the origin of the name.  ten23 health is a pharmaceutical service provider, supporting our pharma and biotech customers in developing safe, usable, convenient, stable and efficient medicines for

Carol Fang

Tell us more about your current role at Novartis. I’m the Global Head of IP – Platforms which means I am an IP strategist who is a trusted advisor and thought partner to the business, focusing on innovations like engineered

Vincent Martinez

Tell us more about Nanoleq and why did you decide to found the company. The initial business idea of Nanoleq is based on the stretchable electronic activities that we as co-founders have been doing during our PhD activities. After years of

Chui Fung Chong

Dr Chui Fung CHONG is Senior Medical Leader in Clinical Development /Medical Affairs in pharmaceutical and medtech industries across different continents, striving to advance novel therapies to positively impact patients’ lives, with track records of leading clinical development programs on

Thierry Fumeaux

Tell us more about your current roles with kinarus and acthera. I am the newly appointed CEO of Acthera Therapeutics, an early-stage biotech company, developing a unique type of mechanosensitive liposomes, enabling the controlled and targeted delivery of therapeutic molecules,

Jalil Rasheed

Not many people can say the’ve been a ceo for 14 years when they are not yet 40 years old. What are some of the reasons for your success? as fortunate to have joined Aberdeen (abdrn now) as a Graduate

Myriam Lingg

Dr. Myriam Lingg has 15 years’ track record in the medical device industry as an international manager in product management and distribution. She is well experienced in project management, stakeholder relations & leading teams.

Leslie Anne Fendt

Dr. Leslie Anne Fendt currently works at Roche leading the development and commercialisation of one of Roche’s first Software-As-Medical-Device (SaMD) products, while simultaneously contributing to building out Roche’s overall digital health infrastructure, operating model, and strategy. Previously at Roche she was