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Klaus Dugi

Tell us more about your background and what is your team building at Vandria. I am a physician by training. I spent four years as a PostDoc at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA, and subsequently received my

Erik van den Berg

Could you tell us more about yourself? I enjoy working with dedicated teams of highly skilled professionals to develop innovative products whilst achieving ambitious goals. You could say I am very result-oriented and a team player. Privately, I love playing

Detlef Schumann

Could you tell us more about yourself? Quite early in my life, I got introduced to the world of big pharma. It was a fascinating experience which helped me in my decision to study pharmacy. In the early phase of

Tom Bertrand and Mathieu Falbriard

What is the team at Bearmind building? Bearmind developed motion and force sensors that can be integrated into commercialized sports helmets to monitor head impacts. The technology allows for real-time head impact data, translated into a personalized risk assessment, supporting

Sanja Baumann-Tomovska

What is the void in the market? The void in the Healthcare market is directly influenced by demographic changes, specifically in fertility rates, life expectancy, and net immigration levels. Declining birth rates and increased life expectancy necessitate adjustments in health

Tord Labuda

Tell us about your background. I am Swedish, born in Stockholm and grew up in a small village about two hours west (of Stockholm). As I was always curious and interested in the natural sciences, ending up studying biology at

Christian Gr√łndahl

You started out in your professional career as a vet. Who/what inspired you? I grew up at the Copenhagen Veterinary University where my father NC Nielsen was professor in Internal Medicine. So, I wanted to become a veterinarian since I

Margrit Schwarz

Who inspired you to get into the life sciences? My interest for life science was nurtured by my father, who was both a chemist and a photographer; he took me along on hikes and then to the lab where I