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Jared Lim Chu Ern

Can you please introduce yourself and share a bit more about how Finology started and what is the idea behind it?  I’m Jared, the co-founder at Finology. We started in 2017, but this is not my first company in Fintech. Prior to this, we started an online product aggregator in 2012. This was not too

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Giuseppe Perale

Tell us more about IBI and why did you decide to found the firm? IBI (Industrie Biomediche Insubri SA) was a crazy idea that came up in the past from the brains of two “drunken” postdoc guys in London.  I have a master’s degree in bioengineering and courses from the medical faculties, as it was

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Pascal Winnen

Tell us more about your background. I studied telecommunication engineering and worked in the industry for a couple of years. However, in 2000, the telecom bubble burst. At that time, I had a young family and decided that I needed a job that was a little more stable. And of course, healthcare is more stable

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Pierre A. Morgon

Tell us more about your background.  I have a Doctorate in Pharmacy and worked as a hospital pharmacist for three years before deciding that working in a hospital was not for me. I moved into law school and obtained a Master’s in Business Law.  After practising for a year as a corporate lawyer in a

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Jonathan Martelli

Why did you decide to found ekWateur? I was previously working for another energy supplier. The strategy wasn’t to innovate and diversify our activity but to grow, to sell the supplier to a major energy player. With my partner Julien Tchernia and I, we decided to start our own energy supply company and execute all

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Fabio Fais

Tell us more about your current role and Altamira Therapeutics.  I am director of Technical Development / CMC at Altamira Therapeutics, which is a company which is dedicated to developing therapeutics in the field of otorhinolaryngology and recently expanded also into RNA based therapeutics. One of our major projects is a nasal spray, AM-125, which

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