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What motivated you to do this? How did you get to do what you do today? Vedran: I come from an entrepreneurial family background. My father is a first-generation immigrant who came to Switzerland, who very early on started his own business. I always call it existential entrepreneurship because he basically started something just to

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Jan Lichtenberg

Tell us more about InSphero. InSphero was founded 12 years ago to help pharma and biotech companies developing new drugs and treatments in a more efficient way. At the time, animal testing was the gold standard to understand drug safety and efficacy. The attrition rates were very high and we were certain there were other

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Olgaç Ergeneman

Tell us more about Magnes. We are offering a remote monitoring solution for patients of neurological disorders. We integrated our sensing technology in comfortable sneaker-like shoes to collect data from patients during daily activities. This is interesting for patients with movement problems such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, and stroke. Most of the elderly

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Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual

Can you tell us more about TOLREMO and why did you found the company? TOLREMO is a cancer drug resistance company which uses a screening and drug development platform based on non-genetic drug resistance and cancer cell plasticity, to develop companion inhibitors that prevent resistance development. TOLREMO is based on academic research that I did

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Wolfgang Brysch

Tell us more about MetrioPharm and why did you decide to found the firm? MetrioPharm works on a new class of anti-inflammatory drugs. Two years before we founded the firm, I came across summarized scientific reports from the 60s in California and some work that has been done in Eastern Europe before the Iron Curtain

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Lorenzo Leoni

Congratulations on the recent IPO with Gain Therapeutics! Thank you. When we closed the last round of financing in July 2020, we were not expecting we would file for an IPO in less than a year, especially during Covid times. We have had good momentum and are lucky to have good investors who are well-networked

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