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Sara Nuñez-Garcia

What made you decide to found Forty51 ventures? We are setting up Forty51 ventures, a Biotech venture fund, to fill an important gap that we see in the Central-Western region in Europe. While we see a high density of scientific and medical innovation, yet we do not see many true venture builders that can help

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Deana Mohr-Haralampieva

Can you tell us more about MUVON Therapeutics and the reason you decided to found it? Together with my colleagues I founded MUVON Therapeutics in October 2020. It is a Biotech Spin-off from the University of Zurich with the goal of developing and commercializing an autologous cell therapy for the regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue.

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Rene Gilvert

Can you tell us more about Optichronix? OptiChroniX develops myAVOS, a smartphone app placing patients and caregivers at the center that will deploy Personalized Digital Interventions to improve health literacy, medication non-adherence and clinical outcomes by addressing modifiable risk factors that suggest to prevent or optimize disease outcomes in Dementia through digital delivery of remote

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Maximilien Murone

Tell us more about Avrion Therapeutics and why you decided to found it? Avrion Therapeutics has been founded based on more than ten years of research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the labs of Dr. Bernard Schneider, Prof. Patrick Aebischer, former President of EPFL, and Prof. Brian McCabe.

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Michael Bavand

Take us through your professional career up to date. After my PhD, I joined Serono International in Geneva (now part of Merck KGA) in Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs in the therapeutic fields of Growth, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease. I then started my entrepreneurial career by co-founding Eugenex Biotechnologies (Tägerwilen, TG,) and Selexis S.A. (Geneva)

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Roberto Iannone

Why did you found Zoundream? I founded Zoundream because of my daughter who was born in November 2017. It was difficult for us in the beginning. It was not only about sleep deprivation but also because we were never sure if things were normal, if she was okay. At some point, I had the idea

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