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Utku Gülan

Tell us more about your Hi-D Imaging.  Hi-D Imaging was founded in 2019. The main motivation behind Hi-D is to help as many patients as possible, all around the world.  We are developing a cardiac planning software for physicians. The main problem in the clinics today is the lack of time, precision, and standardisation at

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Christina Vallgren

What is Terapet? Why did you decide to found the firm?  Terapet is a Geneva-based MedTech startup. The company was founded in 2019 by three founders: me, Marcus Palm (CTO) and Professor Raymond Miralbell (CSO). Prof Raymond was the former radiation oncology department head at the University Hospital of Geneva and today he’s the Medical

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Fabian Wesemann

Tell us about yourself and how you get to do what you do today.  The first thing is to just do it, and that’s the most important thing—not just talk about it but do it. Also, having grown up in Berlin, I’ve always been close to the startup ecosystem and have always been attracted by

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Sarah Oelsner

Tell us more about Scitaris and why did you decide to found the firm? Scitaris is an R&D strategy consultancy located in Berlin. We are technically and scientifically focused in addressing all kinds of questions—ranging from early drug discovery and preclinical development up until the late-stage clinical programs. We help companies with their holistic portfolio

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Jared Lim Chu Ern

Can you please introduce yourself and share a bit more about how Finology started and what is the idea behind it?  I’m Jared, the co-founder at Finology. We started in 2017, but this is not my first company in Fintech. Prior to this, we started an online product aggregator in 2012. This was not too

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Giuseppe Perale

Tell us more about IBI and why did you decide to found the firm? IBI (Industrie Biomediche Insubri SA) was a crazy idea that came up in the past from the brains of two “drunken” postdoc guys in London.  I have a master’s degree in bioengineering and courses from the medical faculties, as it was

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